FAQ#2 (Keto and Weight Loss)

I originally posted this FAQ for Keto and Intermittent Fasting International in Tagalog, and I will be reposting the series in English here on my blog. Here are some basic questions with short answers to frequently asked questions by Keto newbies.

1. Why am I losing weight so fast?

Different people have different reactions to Keto, depending on their age, gender, medical condition and starting weight. Most of the time, the weight we lose during the induction period is mostly water weight.

2. What is water weight?

We keep a lot of water for our body to function properly, but we also have water retention due to high carbohydrates. When we cut out the carbs, we also lose some of the water.

3. Why is my weight loss slower compared to others?

It’s also possible that you are eating too much of something that has hidden carbs and sugar, even if it’s “Keto-friendly”. Example: Keto sweets and Keto bread still have carbs.

4. Why am I gaining weight?

It’s possible to gain weight on Keto if you are eating too many calories, beyond what your body needs and burns. If you’re working out, you could also be building muscles.

5. How much fat and protein should I be eating?

Common advice for newbies is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, but I prefer to calculate macros so that you’re aware of how much you should be eating for your current weight and goals.

6. How do I track macros?

You measure what you eat using a digital food scale. Then you log what you eat using an app like MyFitnessPal or Carb Manager.

7. Will I still lose weight if I don’t exercise?

Yes, you will still lose weight if you don’t exercise but it’s much better if you do. It’s good for toning your skin and muscles.

8. I want results in a week.

Keto is not a crash diet. We did not get fat with one Noche Buena dinner, please do not expect your body to bounce back right away. Be kind to your body and set realistic goals. Our aim is to sustain this way of eating to be healthy in the long run.

9. Why do you advise against slimming teas and pills?

Many slimming teas have diuretic and laxative effects. These things will mess with your gut flora and will cause you to lose electrolytes unnecessarily. It also adds undue stress to our organs.

10. Can I still take my maintenance meds and vitamins?

Of course, especially if you’re on maintenance meds. You should always consult your doctor about dosages.

It’s advisable to take Vitamins to support electrolyte balance. You can also take Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Folic, Iron, Vitamin C, Biotin, Collagen, Gluta. Contraceptive Pills? Yes, of course.