Pinay Keto’s Grocery List (Saudi Products)

Hello! I’ve been asked this a lot, so I decided to create a separate post about it. This is my Personal Keto Grocery List. I also don’t buy all these items in one go, we restock them as needed. We buy fresh produce and eggs weekly but the rest of the items will last at least two weeks or more, depending on the consumption.

To clarify, there are a lot of Keto products and brands that were not included, because we don’t normally buy them. An example would be canned tuna and beef bacon. You also don’t need to buy everything on this list, only those that fit into your budget and taste.

Fats make up the majority of the Keto Diet macros, so I will always have these on hand. For butter, I buy the unbranded ones that are sold per kilo. For cream, always choose at 25-40% fat with a maximum 3.5g carbs.

Edit: Nowadays, I use Al Safi Multipurpose Cream.

I get most of my protein from meat and cheese. I only buy fresh Salmon from Tamimi when it’s on sale. I make bone broth for soups. For Mozzarella cheese, choose a brand that doesn’t have potato starch. For cheese, I prefer Gouda Mild and Kashkaval. You can also add canned tuna but I’m not a fan that’s why it’s not on my regular grocery list. If you do decide to buy canned tuna, choose the ones in brine, in olive oil or in water. Avoid the ones in Sunflower oil.

My carbohydrate sources are mostly veggies, I make my own mushroom soup and tomato paste from fresh veggies.

These are my staple pantry items. Apple Cider Vinegar and Himalayan Pink Salt for sodium, potassiium, and magnesium. Mustard to make mayonnaise. We buy Steviana for our sugar replacement, but there’s also another brand, Halwani Brother’s Stevia that’s okay too.

These items are not really essential to a Keto diet, but they’re nice to have if you’re looking to make Keto sweets. You can get Almond Flour and Coconut Flour from Tamimi or Lulu. Unfortunately, Coconut Aminos and Monkfrut aren’t available locally so you’ll have to get them online from iHerb.

As for supplements. I take them every day. I make sure that I always have magnesium, potassium, and sodium from my food or in supplement form. I got mine from iHerb.

I also made a downloadable version for you, it’s set to 1080p so it should work fine with your mobile phone. I hope you’ll find it useful. You may share it with your friends and family, but my only request is that you do not remove any of my watermarks in respect for my creative work.

By the way, if you do decide to purchase from iHerb, please consider using my referral link. You won’t get charged extra but I would receive a discount on my next purchases. It would be a nice way to support me as a Keto blogger.

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