Researching the Keto Egg Fast

So I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a Keto Egg Fast for some time now. I experimented on Dirty Keto + IF last month, and while I still lost weight, I wasn’t too happy with how I felt. I wanted to do a Clean Keto month and I figured an egg fast would be a good way to start.

So first, I read about people’s egg fast experiences, namely from these blogs:

I also stalked #ketoeggfast, and even asked friends on IG about their experiences. I was a little concerned about the 6 tablespoons of butter, because that would put me 500kcal over my daily calorie allowance.

Then I found a Keto Egg Fast guide that calls for only 6 teaspoons of fat. So I decided to make my own Keto Fast rules based on the Keto Egg Fast Guidelines from, mostly because their ratio fits my personal macros and from the FAQs shared by I Breathe, I’m Hungry.

My Personal Egg Fast Rules

My personal Egg Fast rules are a combination of the rules from “Ketoned Bodies” and from “I Breathe, I’m Hungry”, plus a few of my personal rules that I know works for me on Keto.

  • Eat 6 whole eggs and 6 tsp. of pure fat in the form of butter, coconut oil, olive oil or MCT oil.
  • Eat cheese up to 6 oz., but this is just to break the monotony. The focus should be on hard cheese or least processed cheese available.
  • Eat even if I’m not hungry.
  • Complete my 12:12 fast routine, which means I don’t have to eat within 30 minutes of waking up. (I added this rule after Day 1)
  • Stay within my personal SKD macros
  • Take my Himalayan Salt Sole with Apple Cider Vinegar, 30 minutes before breaking my fast. (I added this rule after Day 1)
  • Continue taking my multivitamins and magnesium supplements.
  • Coffee and Tea with Stevia or Monk Fruit is okay.
  • Sweeteners should be used in moderation, no more than what I usually use while on Keto.
  • No sodas, even zero calorie ones because they trigger my cravings.
  • No cream.
  • No calorie condiments and spices are okay.
  • No hot cocoa because they’re no fun without cream

If you’re interested on reading about my 5-day Keto Egg Fast experience, please drop by tomorrow and to read next blog post: 5-Day Keto Egg Fast Experience.

Disclaimer: I would like to remind my readers that I am not a medical practitioner, so if you have any special conditions or if you’re taking medications, please consult your Doctor first before attempting to do an egg fast or Keto.

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