Swerve Sweets Cookie Product Review

We wanted to try out a few Keto-friendly products online and we decided to try this Swerve Sweets Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (Price: $8.99). Please note that this is not a paid endorsement. We bought this from our own pocket for personal consumption. I am giving my personal opinion.

The selling point here is that it’s Ketogenic, Gluten free, Grain free and only 6g net carbs per serving using Erythritol as the sweetener. Honestly, we still think that the net carbs per servings was a little too much for just one cookie but we really just wanted to see how it tasted.

Anyway, it came in a box and the mix was inside a plastic. Pretty similar to a pancake mix. The chocolate chips were already in the mix. I wish I separated them though because my butter was a too warm it melted all the chocolate chips. This is why it came out all brown.

The instructions were easy enough: just add milk, butter, and vanilla. My oven is a little unreliable, so my first batch came out a little too toasted. The second batch came out nice and chewy, though. I was pretty satisfied with how it tasted. My toddler loved them too, even the toasted ones.

I’d give it 4.5 stars, only because I wish the chocolate chips came in a separate package and the net carbs a bit too high for my liking. Otherwise, tastes great.

Where to buy: Amazon | iHerb

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