Goal Weight: What to Do When You Reach Your Keto Goals

Goal Weight

Now that you’ve reached your goal weight…

Congrats! You’ve reached your goal weight! All your hard work has paid off!! You’ve reached your goal! Be it your ideal weight or your ideal size, you’ve done it! But what now? You’re still losing weight with Keto. What should you do? Here are some tips to help you move on to the next phase of your fitness.

Goal Weight = Maintenance Macros

If you’re happy with your current weight and physique, simply stop Intermittent Fasting and increase your calories by 300 calories. Calories should still come from low-carb sources, but you have more options in terms of carbohydrate sources. You can indulge more in Keto treats, for example. If you’re tracking macros, it’s a good idea to calculate your Maintenance Macros so that you’ll know how much to eat on Keto to maintain your weight.

Remember though, that like any diet, if you go back to eating junk food, you’ll most likely go back to your old lifestyle and weight. So plan to stay healthy and stick with that plan. Don’t let go of the self-discipline that you learned through your Keto Journey. Commit to a healthier lifestyle whether or not you decide to Keto on or not.

If you’re planning on getting more active, research about Cyclical and Targeted Keto. You might need to tweak your food intake to accommodate your new energy expenditure.

Building a Stronger Body

Now, if you’re ready for another challenge, the next thing you could do is to tone or build muscles. You can do yoga, HIIT, or strength training, depending on your abilities and lifestyle. This is a great time to join the gym or hire a fitness trainer to teach you how to build a stronger physique.

Healing Your Body

Many of us sought to lose weight because we were experiencing the side-effects of obesity. So plenty of people have other medical issues stemming from their weight problem. Now that you have a healthier body, it’s a good time to get another full check-up to see how you’re body is healing.

Taking Care of Your New Body

Celebrate with a good pampering. Don’t reward yourself with food, but rather pamper your new body. Be it a good night’s rest, a whole-body massage, a membership to the gym or a whole new wardrobe, learn a new skill, whatever fits your budget. There are even people who save up for a skin reconstruction to get rid of excess skin, it’s a bit expensive though if your insurance doesn’t cover it.


Start doing things you were always hesitant to do when you were overweight. Wear that dress you’ve been eyeing, meet new people, go hiking, take up a new sport, or start a blog to inspire others… use that euphoria to fuel your new passions! Congrats on your new life!

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