Quest Bar Product Review

Price: 15 SR per bar
Available at Danube Grocery Stores, Riyadh.
Please note that this is not a paid endorsement. We bought this from our own pocket for personal consumption. I am giving my personal opinion.


I don’t really need protein bars but I was really curious about these because I kept seeing them on my IG feed. I also had this massive brownie craving that just won’t go away. In short, I was hyped and I bought the Chocolate Brownie Quest Bars and the S’mores Quest Bars, hoping that they would curve my cravings.

Its very dense and chewy. It’s 4g net carbs of convenience. It’s also gluten-free, has 13g of fiber and 20g protein. For many people who are new to fitness and wellness, this may sound like a good deal, but you can easily get those fiber and protein from your daily food.

The S’mores flavor was okay because of the chocolate bits, but the Choco Brownie flavor was a big meh for me. The sweeteners used were Keto-friendly but it still has an aftertaste, very similar to diet sodas. For me, it tasted like chemicals. At 15 SAR a bar (about 210 Pesos) it’s not exactly cheap.

I get the appeal, it’s convenient. I guess I’m just not a fan. I will not buy it again. It sadly did not live up to the hype.



Where to buy: Amazon iHerb

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