How to Prep a Keto Baon (Keto Packed Lunch)

The Japanese have bento boxes, Filipinos have bring their baon. Baon or packed lunch is a great way to stay on budget and on Keto! But what if you’re busy with work or school? Let me share with you some tips on how to prepare a Keto Baon!

Meal Prep is the Key!

I’m a big fan of simple, easy-to-assemble meals and this includes my husband’s baon or packed lunch. How do I do this? Well first, I choose food that I can easily cut and will require minimal preps. I rotate different baon elements but most days, Hubby’s baon will include the following:

  1. Eggs
    I usually add eggs rolls or steamed eggs. Yep, peeling egg shells are easier when you steam them instead of boiling them. So steam for 10 minutes, then dunk into an ice bath. I like to steam 6 eggs at a time, then I keep them in the fridge until I need to use them for the week. Sometimes they’re part of the baon pack or sometimes I snack on them.
  2. Hard Cheese
    We love to nibble on cheese, so it’s a no brainer that we always include this. It’s easy to cut and pack. It keeps fairly well throughout the day.
  3. Nuts
    We keep an assortment of nuts like Almonds, Walnuts and Macadamia in our pantry. These are easy to add to any baon and very filling.
  4. Meat
    I like to add deli meat like pepperoni, sausages or even turkey ham. They’re easy to fry.
  5. Veggie/Low Carb Fruit/Keto Treat/Keto Bread
    I like to add a piece of Broccoli to his lunch pack, but he doesn’t like it. Sometimes, I’ll add a handful of berries or strawberries if it’s in season. If not, it’s usually a square of dark chocolate or a keto cupcake.

Hubby’s Baon

Hubby works as an I.T. and drives to work. He likes to eat while working so he prefers finger foods that don’t have much aroma. His baon usually includes eggs, nuts, cheese, keto sweet or keto-friendly fruit and a tumbler of Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC).

For the BPC, I usually mix all the ingredients and add only 1/4 cup hot water, just enough to mix everything. Then when he needs to drink it at work, he’ll just add more hot water and shake the tumbler really well. You can also bring your own milk-frother to work.

Tumblers and Lunch Packs

We really like this metal tumbler from Starbucks, but I suppose any tumbler will do as long as it’s easy to clean and can withstand high heat. We’ve had this for over five years.

For the lunch pack, we got them as part of food storage container pack. They’re unbranded, but we like it because of the locks on the sides. We don’t pack soups for lunch so these work well for us.

Stay Creative!

so yes, it’s totally doable to bring a Keto Baon. It’s not any more difficult than preparing a regular baon. You just have to be open-minded and creative with your options. Remember, failure to plan is planning to fail.

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