Keto for Every Budget

I often hear lots of people say that Keto is expensive, and this is the second most common misconception about Keto. People think that to do Keto, you have to buy all these pricey items like Chia Seeds, MCT Oil, Olive Oil, Lindt Dark Chocolate and Electrolyte Drinks… but the truth is, you can start and survive Keto even with just the simplest food items. Don’t be pressured into thinking that you need to buy all those things just to say that you’re Keto. 

Remember that Keto is about removing sugar and carbs. We’re basically eating the same thing, we’re just choosing not to include rice, pasta, bread, junkfood and sugar. Keto doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be simple and nutritious if you know the basics. 

Check out this neat infographic I made, it shows you how Keto can work for most budgets. 


If you’re on a tight budget, just stick to the basics: coffee, coconut oil, water, leafy greens, salt, eggs and some form of meat. Go with whatever fits the budget and is available locally. 

Mid Range

If you have a comfortable budget, go ahead and add more nutritious food. Approved sweeteners, cheese, nuts and cream are a pleasant addition to your Keto list.


As I mentioned before, you don’t need keto bread, almond milk and chia seeds to be successful with Keto. But if you have extra money and don’t mind splurging on good food, then these items are nice to have! 

I really hope that this post will dispel any doubts you might have about Keto’s affordability. Remember that most of these items will last you weeks, so if you calculate the cost per day, you’ll see that it’s not very different from your old budget. In fact, you’re saving more because you don’t have to buy junk food and sodas anymore. 

keep Calm and Keto On!

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