Macros Tracking with The Carb Manager App

An overview of the Carb Manager User Interface

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Macros Tracking. I use this whenever I need to break a stall or need to restart my Keto practice. Macros Tracking involves measuring your food and logging it into an app like MyFitnessPal or Carb Manager. Based on what I input, it will show me how much more I need to eat to reach my calorie and macros goals. You can calculate your macros goals using this easy keto macros calculator.

For some, this can be very tedious, and I’ll admit that some months I prefer to do Lazy Keto. But for women with hormonal imbalance, it’s important not to go too low-calorie. This is because we’re more prone to stress, in and out of the body. Stress triggers excess androgen production which leads to hormonal imbalance. It’s important not to stress the body too much, and eating too low calories is a big stress factor. It puts the body on defense, trying to protect itself from starvation.

One tool that I frequently use is Carb Manager. It’s a food-tracking app that helps keep track of macros and calories (available on iOs, Android, and the Web). What I like about this app is that it’s more Keto-focused than other popular apps. It even has a “Keto Grade” for food that you log. It also has an extensive database for recipes and ingredients. On a free account, it gives you basic functionalities of macros tracking and exercise logs.

If you don’t know your ideal personal macros on Keto, you can calculate them using this Keto Macros Calculator. Once you have your personal macros, you can set them as your macros goal within the App.


Carb Manager on Google Playstore

Download the App
First, you have to download and install the app from either iTunes or Android Appstore.

Sign Up and Set-Up
Then you need to set up your account using your email address. The next thing you need to do is to input your Macros Goals. Click on the 3-line icon on the upper left corner, then click on Settings.

Macros Tracking with Carb Manager Settings
Macros Tracking with Carb Manager Settings>Net Carbs

Setup Carb Manager App Settings
On the Settings Tab, set Carbs to Track: Net Carbs. Change the rest of the settings as you see fit.

Macros Tracking with Carb Manager Settings>Macros
Macros Tracking with Carb Manager Settings>Custom Macros

Set Your Macronutrient Goals
On the Macros Tab, set your Calorie Goal. Scroll down and you can set your Macronutrient Goals based on your preferred Diet. I recommend using “Custom Grams” so that you can have more control over the numbers.

Start Logging your Food
After you’ve set up your personal goals, you can start logging your food. You either scan the barcode or enter it manually. You have to include measurements. Personally, I prefer to weigh my good, but you can also use other measurements like tbsps, cups, etc.

From within the app, you can also create your personal recipes and it will give you the total nutrition facts for the entire meal per serving.

The app also has a premium subscription that allows you to unlock other cool features such as trackers for fasting, sleeping, hydration, macros, and nutrition. You can also track body measurements, insulin, glucose, ketones, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Premium accounts can also enjoy Analysis, Reports and Meal Planner, App and Device Integration, and Premium Recipes.

I’m still using the free version because it serves my needs just fine, but I’m sure there are lots of people who can afford and would benefit from the premium features.

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