Lazy Keto Portions and Maintenance


I ate these portions 2x a day with snacks.

Assalamu Alaykum! During Ramadan, I experimented a bit on how long I could stay in Ketosis. I tested each day and by the fifth day, as I grew more relaxed about my food, I was finally out of Ketosis.

But I stayed mostly low carb because I wasn’t working out that month. I didn’t track and mostly did Lazy Keto.

I was so happy to note that I only gained a pound throughout the month! So I’d like to share what I did, so I can inspire you to have a healthier Ramadan next year, InshaAllah!

First, I only ate one Date fruit for Iftar, sometimes I just drink water. Then I tried to make low carb soups as much as possible. If it was not possible, I would only consume 1/2 cup of soup. Sometimes, I’d have a fathead bagel or fathead empanada. Then I’d stop eating.

After an hour, I’d drink Bulletproof Coffee and wait for my family to finish their Taraweeh prayers. I tried to go for Taraweeh too but my toddler wasn’t very cooperative. InshaAllah, next year he will be more compliant.

After Taraweeh, we would have our regular dinner. Usually some form of meat and veggies. Then we would stop eating and go on about the day. Then we would prepare for Suhoor, which was usually a meat sandwich and hot cocoa with chia seeds. So really, the only high carb we ate during Ramadan was the brown bread and the occasional Khunafa.

The reason I think I didn’t gain much during Ramadan is that I scaled down everything. Yes, I had carbs but not as much as I used to in the past years.

And since we didn’t go out for Iftars much, I had more control over how my food is prepared. I also practiced portion control to keep track of how much I ate.

I adjusted my portions for maintenance, carefully listening to my body. I ate only when I was hungry, making sure I eat nutritious food. Then I stopped eating before I was full. When I had cravings, I’d have coffee.

That’s all really. I just ate sensibly and remembered that Ramadan was not about feasts, it was about resetting our spiritual health. May Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) guide us.

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